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Violin bow ID


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Hello thought I would post this to see where everyone thought this bow originally came from.  It has wide pins that attach the liner.  Which I thought was possibly a French trait however the slide has a surrounding metal liner which I usually think German.  The head in my opinion sorta has a French look. Maybe it’s a bit of a Frankenbow.  Anyway what do you think. 












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Two questions:

Somebody told me somewhere that if you look at the threads of the shaft of the button(the lands?) if they are rounded that indicates German manufacture and if they are sharp that indicates French manufacture.

Also, on this bow, The pin on the heel plate is not flush, does that mean it has worked its way out a little bit? Or it was not made flush to begin with?, Or it was not filed down completely when it was made?

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The pins at the metal slide look so bold that they are probably later replacements, maybe the original fell out, the pins at the heel are probably just become loose as you pointed out. It looks like a Markneukirchen bow all over. Is it silver mounted or the metal parts just polished?

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