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The Turtle and the Violin


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An Andrew Carruthers creation:

I found this fascinating!


1. I have a tortoise (all tortoises are turtles, not all turtles are tortoises) :heart:

...although turtle scutes are convex, not concave...just sayin'...

2. A different take on a finished surface, definitely not smooth!

3. The deliberate varnishing to create the "turtle shell" effect, that looks like the old, rough varnish found on many antique instruments.


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These look more like Aliens...........  https://www.andrewcarruthers.com/cellular-fiddles-part-3-finished-and-compared/

Maybe even Lovecraft.  Those things could give my dogs the willies, possibly even upset the gators.  :lol:

I feel that he's a genius, but so was Frankenstein... :ph34r:

I'd love one of these to add to my collection of odd violins, but couldn't justify the expense of something like this.  :)

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12 hours ago, Shelbow said:

That is very curious, although the end product looks more Lord of the Rings than A tortoise.

If Sauron made violins!

Naw.  Cthulhu.  :lol:

Y'know, it really says something about this forum, that it has "Cthulhu" in the spell-check.  :huh:

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