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violin bow ID


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Hi to you all, my name is Rezgar. I have been visiting this site for a while and learning a lot from it and I never got to thank you guys, hopefully this count as a thanks to all.

  I was wandering anyone can give me any info about this bow. i thanks you in advance for your help







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add to the text and add photos
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35 minutes ago, martin swan said:

Yes, the stamp is some made up thing. Furthermore the bow has an underslide which rules out jean Dominique Adam.

I really can't see what it is from these sepulchral photos but it's something industrially produced ...

Never saw "assembly marks" at the bottom of the frog mortise before!

Sorry tonight I will upload better picture, I look around saw some theaters looking bow claiming that ,they are swiss made with models range numbers. But as far as expertise ,I do take your advice.  Thanks for taking time and look

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Hard to be sure based on the photos (they are a bit dark on my screen), but I believe the bow may be one of the more commercial bows produced in Switzerland by the Finkel shop in Brienz. Not expensive (they were designed to be affordable) but serviceable.

If I am correct, there are probably no pins holding the silver tip (under the hair) as (I believe) I recall Johannes had developed/selected an adhesive he felt reliable enough to dispense with them... and therefore speed up production for that model. The silver button would likely have no ebony core as well.

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12 hours ago, Rezgar said:

Hi, how would you see chinese in it?would  you kindly explain please. 


Well, I admit that I know absolutely nothing, so feel free to discount everything I ever say, but I recently bought a cello bow with a face plate that I thought it was silver but which turned out to be Some unknown metal with appearance something like silver that was apparently common on Chinese bows.

The face plate on your bow looked very similar, and the stamp looks recent and eBay is full to overflowing with Chinese bows with fake stamps, so I was just wondering.

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