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Can we talk about f holes?


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On 6/15/2021 at 12:28 PM, Evan Smith said:

and the second set, correct again, I agree that the formerly da salo isn't, but?

The interesting thing about the Ole Bull "da Salo" is what is known about its early provenance - it was allegedly commissioned by a Cardinal whose last name is alternately given as "Aldorandi" or "Adebrandi" and presented to the Treasury at Innsbruck; however, but there were no Cardinals of that name in the 16th, 17th or 18th centuries.

There are a few with vaguely similar names, but only one who was a papal nuncio to Austria (basically an ambassador), Mario Albericci, whose last name is recorded in a variety of different spellings. He was nuncio to Austria from 1671-1675, which slots in pretty nicely with the timeline you might expect for a high-class faux Brescian like that.





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Well is it,, or not?

I suppose he probably could pull it off.

I do, it is quite painful at times, to do clean work like that.

What I make covers the full range, the trick is to use completely different methods and tools, so you would never know that the same guy made it.

I suppose that for a real special order it could be done. $$$

Look at that head!

The outline and f's are so, so, so,, far removed though,, he did do double purf some times. I suppose dendro could match wood with another instrument?

The one from chi mei is one of my favs to build, and they always sound great. I really love the abandon he dwelt with!


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