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What is this? A hole in a french bow

Jeff White

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I've never seen this before.  This is a L. Piernot cello bow, that, when I was done with all other work, then came to the final rehair, I discovered this hole. I've seen these holes in cheap Shonbach bows as a place to put the hair, but I'm sure that's not the case.  Looks like it was to remove weight??  It is a tad tip light, but only by the amount that I've found other older french cello bows a tad head light.  Couldn't be to add weight, I would imagine.  FWIW, the bow's balance point (with sterling lapping just to the leather)is about 6.5" to the front of the frog, and overall weight will be around 78g.  Can't imagine anyone would want to add a hole that big to fill with something.  More than likely to remove a bit of weight???


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Some holes where used in order to place the frog in a solid base and work the underline (the 45 degrees at ebony) .. Otherwise you have to vise it from both sides. 

(about weight... No. It is pointless to make this hole to control something) 

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5 hours ago, violinsRus said:

perhaps there was a metal weight in there at one point?  to change bow weight and balance...

that would be too much wieght, it's a pretty large hole, and it would also put the balance in the wrong direction( it's a bit handle heavy now).

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