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I was told by my learned friend that was in the music business for years (after I told him I found a nice violin) that I "had a very nice fiddle and a cheap violin". Really makes sense. Maybe. I've never seen a nice violin in my area of repair. I have played 20 and 30 thousand dollar Martins and have had a Gibson Super 400 in my lap. There is a quality difference indeed. I love repairing the fiddles and violins and will continue. I'm enjoying this blog page too. Thanks from GA

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I played one that sounded really nice.  It wasn’t in pristine condition and looked as though it had been played hard for many years.  I thought it was way overpriced at $10k.  The dealer insisted that the violin was one of the few bench made by W. Wilkanowski himself.  He had another Wilkanowski for sale, presumably a workshop model for $4k.  I didn’t like the sound or feel.  The neck was rather narrow and the tone thin.

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