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Mystery bow

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On 6/7/2021 at 4:05 AM, PhilipKT said:

Interested in what the experts say. Screws in the underslide are steel or iron? Is the button pinned? One piece heel plate?

The screws are iron.... The button is pinned and it's a one piece heel plate. A nice piece of ebony that is cracked on one side. I would imagine the iron screws caused that.




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Of course the bow resembles the early work of Prell (for example pictured in the Grünke book), slender head with straight rear, iron screws, one piece heel; the frog frog model is more standard Markneukirchen, especially the very rounded ferrule front. The later work is different indeed, more bold. But "resembles" doesn't mean it is Prell. Also I'm seeing more French influence (in the meaning of a copy) than Knopf/Knopf school.

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