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Guide to Frog Cartouches on German bows?


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A friend just shared with me a bow frog that has a faint cartouche of a rearing horse in a circle. That brought to mind several other cartouches I have seen on frogs over the years, some of them, like A C Schuster are actually identified In the stamp itself, but I am wondering if there is a guide anywhere that shows the stamps and identifies the maker or the dealer that used them?

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1 minute ago, jacobsaunders said:

What is a "cartouche" in English please?

Ein Stempel auf dem Bogen Frosch. Ein Bild im Holz von, zum Beispiel, Ein Adler, wie(Ich glaube) AC Schuster.

 Wie ist das?

(Ich habe das ohne Wörterbuch geschrieben. Bin ein bischen stolz.)


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3 minutes ago, Wood Butcher said:

I think in this instance, it can be considered the often garish crests stamped on bow frogs for the American market.

Yeah I always heard them referred to as cartouches, but crest works as well

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