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Is this violin worthy!

Joy Jin

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A friend of mine give me an ancient violin as a gift. She told me this is Joseph Guarnerius feit violin and it’s valuable. Who can help me to evaluate if this is real or copy version? How much is this worth for? 








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Looks like the usual (German trade violin).

Very ballpark: +/- $500 as is. Maybe worth more if repaired AND set up properly by a competent individual.

Looks like it will need significant repair.

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Agreed, not a genuine Guarnerius "del Gesù."

Call it $400.-- Assume it needs a full setup. That will be about $250.-- of parts, including strings, pegs, tailgut, bridge. You could play it without a chinrest but not before sealing the edge. The cost of fitting all of the parts together? You would probably be just breaking even. 

It is valuable, not in dollars but in friendship. A lesson of provenance (NOT "providence") 

If we could figure out who "FB 20" was, and why he or she knuckled under to "I don't see your name on it," the violin will have a story to tell.

Welcome to Maestronet! Enjoy our lovely collection of pre-owned certified magazines, as you wait for your precious fiddle to be lovingly restored.

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