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12 hours ago, Andreas Preuss said:

What are the reasons to exclude old Flemish?

I don't think that it's possible to exclude Flemish rigorously. The OP violin just doesn't look like the typical Flemish instrument with larger corners, bold arching and massive scroll, more like Vieux Paris, but as I pointed out before there was some migration of makers between the different western European countries, also from the Füsseners, therefore it could have been made by a French trained maker somewhere else.

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I have the feeling that the purfling is different material in diferent places. Maybe there is a part of whalebone and the rest, being a repair, is made of dyed wood.

upper bout back:


bottom bout back:



central bout back:


corner top:




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7 minutes ago, martin swan said:

Why do you think it's whalebone? Is it white under UV light?

I don't know that under UV light it becomes white. I have tried and in a part, where there is less varnish, it is white, and in other, where the varnish is more red, it seems like the purflling dissapear.






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