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Philip Cormier Scroll

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Hi all, 

I will be restoring a violin by Philip Cormier.  It is missing its neck.  In order to carve a scroll in the correct style, I will need to see other work by this maker.  Does anyone here have a Cormier violin?  Or access to photos of his scroll?  This maker seems to have had a relatively small output, so I'm not holding my breath.  If it helps, I've attached a photo of the label.  



Made By

Philip Cormier

Worcester Mass


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He is not listed in the Wenberg book so as you say probably not many examples about.

Do you have pictures of the actual instrument so that we can get an understanding of the general quality of his work?

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I agree that a Markneukirchen-bought scroll would be not incongruous.  However, if Cormier did do his own scrolls, I'd like to copy his style.  

Here are some photos.  Sorry about the poor background.  My impressions are that this instrument was BoB, probably around the blocks.  The model is a bit strange, and the corners are not very good.  The lower eye of the F is small.  I can't show it well in photos, but the arching is quite good.  The graduations are not standard, but there are absolutely no lumps.  I suspect the wood is American sugar maple.  

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Have you come across similar American work before?

If you can't find another example you might just have to make an informed guess on how to make the scroll or just make something based on your own work.

Or make a cool bird like the one in my Avatar :lol:

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34 minutes ago, Shelbow said:

Have you come across similar American work before?

This is pretty typical American work.  If I had to guess, I'd say he was building fiddles based on examining what he had and reading books.  I wouldn't have expected varnish like this though.  It looks just like the spirit varnish you would find on dutzendarbeit.  

As JS alluded to, American fiddle makers would often buy the scrolls pre-made from Markneukirchen.  If I can't track down evidence that Cormier made his own scrolls, this is what I intend to use for the restoration.  However, he does seem to have had better tool skills than most of his ilk, so I would think he did do scrolls.  

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