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Dante e Alfredo Guastalla cello


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Another Bromptons lot.


I think it looks dodgy.  Bromptons are unwilling to say anything other than "a cello'  plus a description of the label. The date seems odd,  1960 is towards the end of the makers lives. However the f holes look similar to my eye to others by the Guastallas. Comments and opinions appreciated 

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7 hours ago, martin swan said:

Bromptons clearly don't think it's a Guastalla.

Personally I cant see any similarity to Guastalla f-holes. Can you provide a link?

Your eye is a lot better than mine but here is a link



And here



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I can't really see any similarities. The two Guastalla instruments you have linked to have very characteristic pseudo-Guarneri f-holes with narrow sweeping lower tongues. The scrolls are soft and with a rounded chamfer and small rounded eye.

The Bromptons instrument has upright Strad-ish f-holes with stubby lower tongues that narrow oddly - the fluting is crude and to me this looks more like a doctored Heinicke f-hole. The scroll is quite sharp, though the varnish seems a bit different from the rest of the instrument so maybe it doesn't relate.

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