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A hunch worked!


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2 hours ago, keyboardclass said:

I figured to mute a bit of the body somehow but I think what it did was breakup some of the sound exiting that f hole.  Not sure if it works in the other f hole .  I'll give it a go.

If the eraser touches both sides of the f hole then you don't really have a violin anymore...  


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1 hour ago, keyboardclass said:

I tried the rubber/eraser on the bass f hole with some success but it works best on the treble one.  Also, without the rubber/eraser the G on the A string is also unstable - but not as bad as on the E.  Now I'm off to amazon to buy some grommets

Have at it, and then let us know whether you have gained any more insight than from the numerous preceding such experiments.

Regardless of whatever any of us want to believe, none of us is likely to be the smartest person who has ever come down the pike.

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On 5/21/2021 at 2:24 PM, keyboardclass said:

Bought this violin for a fair sum years ago.  Just started using it and found it had a G (finger 2) on the E string that wasn't very stable - it kinda fluttered.  I tried a few things but found this bit of eraser (see below) worked.  What have I done?  Anyone grasp a rational here?  Thanks.




I would cut the eraser's excess height off and color it with a black magic marker.

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In the world of f-hole revelation,

many things can and do make a difference.

Lowering the Hz. of a wing by adding weight, or

elongating the hole a bit, (for experimenters only, don't do this with the kids watching)

raising the Hz., by lightening the tip, removing wood from underneath, or shortening the end.

Use some magnets around on it, there is a feedback loop somewhere,

find the source,,,use a sawsall if you must,

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Sorry for the late reply, buy I have been on travel for a few days.

The frequency of the problem, and the fact that the problem moves around on the fingerboard depending on the string tuning, all indicate that a particular body mode is excessively strong, namely (Titian 840Hz mode from Strad3D):


You certainly can kill off the vibration by putting something bridging the trebel F hole upper wing, and the closer to the tip of the wing, the stronger the damping.  But that's a kludge.

The vibration mode has a nodal line almost exactly at the soundpost location, so moving the soundpost closer to the bridge will reduce the coupling between the mode and the bridge, or in other words, making it weaker.

In soundpost adjustments, I use this mode strength to decide (in part) where to put the post.  If the resonance is too annoying, I move it North, closer to the bridge.

What is the distance between the post and the bridge foot?

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I would try moving the post a mm or two closer to the bridge foot and see what happens.  It should reduce the unwanted excessive resonance, and hopefully it wouldn't negatively impact the tone otherwise.  You won't know until you try it.

While the current placement doesn't seem abnormal, perhaps the plate graduations are such that it needs an abnormal post placement to work best.

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1 hour ago, keyboardclass said:

From the centre of the foot to the center of the post is 6mm.  I'm assuming the post is straight - the instrument looks well setup.

How are you accurately measuring from the center of the post?    Typically this measurement is done from the back of the bridge foot to the front of the post, often with a business card (Image from SW Strings).   


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