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Upcoming Musical Instrument Auctions WORLDWIDE (January-December 2022)- List on first page


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5 hours ago, John_London said:


If that Strad they sold me a couple of years ago turns out to be German, it reassuring to know they undertake to pay me the net proceeds of a consignment sale.

That’s precisely the point - they clearly  don’t or this violin wouldn’t be at auction and Tarisio wouldn’t be enjoying the schadenfreude of displaying  this spurious guarantee 

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21 minutes ago, Three13 said:

Julien's seems to get all the money for stuff like that, but they're greedy and obnoxious to deal with.

Yeah I get the impression that it's a fairly ruthless operation. Still very impressive what they manage to bring to auction.

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11 minutes ago, Shelbow said:

Thanks Peter, good to know.

Is 2005 ish when things really started to take off?

It has been a gradual process, and the usual tedious platitudes such as " it can't tell you when it was made, or who made it" although essentially correct, or "you have to know where the tree grew" essentially incorrect, fall flat now under the weight of the information gleaned from the increasing databases.

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7 hours ago, Shelbow said:

Tarisio T2 up

USA) Tarisio T2   June 20th July 7th (2022) - Musical Instruments - https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/?csid=2199732224

Oh, my!  A (probably) genuine Nagyvarius, labeled as such:  https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199732224&cpid=3484663808&filter_key=

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On 6/15/2022 at 12:12 PM, Shelbow said:

Amazing thanks so much. Is this a regular one I've just been missing or more of a one off thing?

It is the second time they have done it in the last year. Seems to me that it will be a regular thing.

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7 hours ago, Derek Law said:

Has Amati put up its catalog? It’s supposed to be on 6/17 but I don’t see the link activated.

It will probably be up later today or tomorrow. The Amati start dates sometimes change a bit.

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