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Upcoming Musical Instrument Auctions WORLDWIDE (January-December 2022)- List on first page

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Hi All,


Here is a list of upcoming musical instrument auctions WORLDWIDE for 2022 for anyone that is interested: (I think this is most of them but please let me know if there are others)

In general I will only list auction houses that either regularly sell musical instruments or are selling over 10 instruments that are in some way interesting.

I will try and be inclusive of all types of musical instruments but it is likely that these listing are more strings focused.


For Auctions with small numbers of instruments for sale at general auction you are best to look online at the Sale Room / Live Auctioneers / Invaluable / Cata Wiki / Good Will. 

https://www.the-saleroom.com/ - https://www.liveauctioneers.com/ - https://www.invaluable.com/ - https://www.catawiki.com/ - https://www.shopgoodwill.com/


I now have a dodgy YouTube Channel where I just browse the catalogs and talk rubbish, if you want to watch the videos check HERE.



(LAST UPDATED 11th July 2021)


(FRANCE) Apollium  March 3rd- 13th (2022) - Musical Instruments - en.apollium.fr/catalogue/vente_40_instruments-univers-de-la-musique-n40

(FRANCE) Apollium  June 15th- 25th (2022) - Musical Instruments - https://en.apollium.fr/catalogue/vente_45_musicora-vii

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Dodgy YouTube??? Please PM me the link!!! :)

Speaking of auctions...hubby was perusing a fine art auction...and just for fun, we checked out the "sleepers", and won three bids (way, way below the estimates).  All unframed, but at least shipping will cost less. I can frame them if we keep them.

I have hopes for 2/3. And even if none are worthwhile, it provided hubby with an afternoon of affordable auction fun (no Da Vincis or Picassos in this lot ^_^).

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29 minutes ago, violinnewb said:

WHERE IS THE AMATI catalogue that was supposed to come out May 14???  Been looking for it non-stop lol

Well I can only go by what the website says I'm afraid. I am also curious as to when it will be live. :wub:

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15 hours ago, violinnewb said:

WHERE IS THE AMATI catalogue that was supposed to come out May 14???  Been looking for it non-stop lol

Moring Violinnewb, yes, sorry. The sale proved to be much larger than we had expected and between cataloguing and pulling together our June Specialist sale I think our catalogue deadline was more aspirational than normal.

One of the main issues I have is how on earth to catalogue wood. This is our fourth (?) makers' sale and I don't think I have managed to find the perfect description of what are - at their most basic - blocks of wood. If anybody wants to kick in once the descriptions are live and tell me how to improve clarity, please crack on.

So, apologies - it should be up today, ideally before lunch. The team are just casting their laser eyeballs over the descriptions for typos.

Best wishes,



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