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Bow ID (Rudolf Riedl)


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Can someone help identify the following bow, together with the materials that you might recognize?

It has the name 'Rudolf Riedl', and came with 2 violins (a cottage-industry 'Markie' late 19th C. and a manufacture branded Marquis Delair Doiseaux early 20th C.)

Would this be considered as an average student-bow?








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I owned one, sold to me by my crooked cello teacher for-probably-many multiples of what he paid for it. I didn’t like it but that was only one. A Colleague had an Alfons Riedl, And one of my students plays on an Alfons Riedl right now. It’s not a bad bow, but I wouldn’t consider it anything other than good student quality, although I’m not even sure if Alfons is a real person.

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