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Opinion on "Harp" Style Violin Tailpieces?

Thomas M

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Relative to harps, we tried them on cellos and didn't find them useful for the type of sound we wanted on the cellos we see, but I can imagine a situation where they would be useful for someone else. The general tendency was towards making the C string more boomy and diffuse, which is something we'd normally like to cure, not cause. With a tight lower end it might work, but I'd try for some other solution first.

With my model of how a violin tailpiece works I can't see anything good happening.

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9 hours ago, Mat Roop said:

Any opinions on this?


I see lots over very low-frequency afterlength resonances, all creating screwy problems lower in the playing range.

The adjustable bridge is another great solution to avoid allowing anything good from happening.

15 minutes ago, Michael Darnton said:

Relative to harps... With my model of how a violin tailpiece works I can't see anything good happening.

We may have different models of how tailpieces work, but we have the same conclusion.

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