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extra f-notches :-)


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This violin has some extra f-notches as marked in the pic. They are consistent in all four locations.

Initially, I thought it to obviously be a slip of the knife, but there are four of them in a rather consistent manner and the cuts for these are actually not in extension of any of the (current) f-lines.

Can this possibly be an intentional feature?


8 f notches.jpg

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5 hours ago, Ron1 said:

Is it possible that the first one was a slip of the knife?

That's funny!

4 hours ago, chiaroscuro_violins said:

Looks more to me like a slip of the saw.  Assuming a relatively typical kerf, it follows the line of the wing.  But this doesn't explain why it's present at all four points.  It looks to be a pretty nice fiddle.  Were they really that careless cutting the Fs?  

Makes sense. It looks like following the line of the f plus the kerf of a saw.

On close examination it also looks like it's cut on an angle in a way that it wouldn't be visible from the inside.

I guess the ffs could have been cut by someone facing the inside surface of the plate.

Odd, as it is indeed a reasonably nice fiddle.

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