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Hill bow - approximate age


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I'm wondering if anyone can advise, for educational purposes, on the approximate age of the WEH&S bow. My guess is approximately 1920, but the lack of silver tip plate throws me off. I presume the plate was replaced when the head was repaired with a pin some time ago. On the slide there is a Q or circle with a line through it. Under the slide on the wood there is a very faint "2". 










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56 minutes ago, Ratcliffiddles said:

I am wondering whether the head has been hacked and re-shaped during that wonderful head repair. Seems to have lost all Hill features in the process

Yes - I think that accounts for the strange discolouration ...

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3 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

Thanks for pushing my article. We did have a thread about it here, but it is about the 18th. -19th C.bows, and stops short of the Hill bow makers



Yes, a wonderful article which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. A "Jas TUBBS" branded bow is still easily my favourite of all the bows in my local shop. Its sort of what led me to this old repaired Hill, which was much more affordable. 

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Our shop has an Arthur Barnes W.E. Hill & Sons bow. Barnes reportedly worked at the Hill shop from 1919 to 1939. The stick is stamped "2E8" under the frog, whereas the frog is stamped with an "E". From what I understand the E was to match the stick to the frog, but I'm not clear if the numbers denote the year of manufacture.


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Well to close this off, I purchased this bow, and according to the shop records and receipt it was made by Edgar Bishop in 1920. Perhaps he used the same marking to marry frog to stick on occasion, or they made note of the marking when the tip repair was completed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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