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Late 18th / early 19th century Bohemian violin? Repositioned F Holes


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Hi All,

Here are some more terrible photos of a violin I had stored at my parents house.

I thought it might be late 18th or early 19th century Bohemian, but I am probably very wrong.

Interestingly / unfortunately the f holes have been repositioned seemingly quite a long time ago.

Any thoughts?

Merci :wub:
















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2 minutes ago, jacobsaunders said:

I think I would have called it South German, rather than Bohemian, but I din’t know either

Thanks Jacob, I will try and research a bit more and see what I can find out.



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2 minutes ago, Rue said:

I think your secret stash of violins needs to meet up with Philip's secret stash of bows.

Ha Ha yes, it looks like we are both forever picking things up! 

There are lots of other things I have that I don't post, mostly because they are not that interesting or I know what they are. A couple of things are being restored at the moment, when they are finished if I get a chance I will post photos. I definitely have a violin aquisition problem. :lol:

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I presume the F holes were moved because someone believed that they were in the wrong position and therefore moving them would offer tonal improvements?

Also the blocks are full height and the linings go into the blocks.

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6 minutes ago, Blank face said:

To me it looks like a sort of Mittenwald/South Germany, too. The lower rib could have been cut for shortening.

Thanks Blank face I will keep investigating. Am I roughly correct on thinking late 18th / early 19th century?

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