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Choosing A Scroll Saw


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22 minutes ago, JacksonMaberry said:

I'm with Michael - if you have budget enough only for one saw, a small bench top bandsaw what can accommodate blades as narrow as 1/8" will get you where you need to go.

If you get a small one, I would avoid the 3 wheel ones. I had one, and it was always breaking blades. I think it's because of the blade continually flexing over the smaller radius wheels.

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23 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

When I set up my own shop, 40 years ago, I bought mself a Bandsaw like this. It cost a fortune, but I'm really glad I bought it. It is still good as new, and can be used for practically anything Ehro Ehrensberger: 550

Looks like a quality version of the  Burgess BBS-20.

Here's a complete tear-down :  https://www.flameport.com/equipment_repairs/burgess_bbs-20_bandsaw/index.cs4

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For a period of time, I used a 10" Craftsman 2-wheel bandsaw, similar to the Skil.  It worked OK... but the size was a problem when cutting plate outlines, and forget viola plates.  And forget about resawing anything.  Getting small blades was also an issue.  Going up to a 14" makes a huge difference, and blades are plentiful.

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43 minutes ago, JacksonMaberry said:

This is the type of application scroll saws excell at. Most people don't need to design and make one-off bridges for unusual instruments, however. 


Sweet... Would you post a pic of a nearly finished bridge? Will you pierce a heart? The mass in the middle is awesome. I can hear the lower registers... 

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