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Anyone heard of bows branded Jacques Snow?  I’m thinking perhaps it came with the snow violin outfits?  I cant find any mention of an actual Jacques Snow bow maker on the web. Reasonable looking sterling silver bow.  Thanks for any info 










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1 hour ago, Brad Dorsey said:

No.  But it is silver-mounted.

How can you tell? Real whalebone shows color variations throughout and fake whalebone looks like a strip of plastic.

Also, whalebone loses its elasticity and forms a crease at the facets, and plastic retains its elasticity.

I’m not saying you’re incorrect, I’m just asking what you see that I am missing?


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5 minutes ago, PhilipKT said:

...fake whalebone looks like a strip of plastic...

That's what I see on this bow although, admittedly, we can only see a little bit of the wrapping on this bow.  It looks like high-quality imitation whalebone, not the cheap stuff.

But the main reason I say it's fake is that I can't imagine that a near-new Chinese bow, as this appears to be, would have real whalebone.

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12 minutes ago, Brad Dorsey said:

The black tarnish on the ferrule and on the button seen in the last picture of the original post indicates silver.

Yes that is obvious if that is indeed tarnish, though the button is not as clear. But I find it impossible to distinguish polished silver from polished nickel silver through pictures only, in fact if I have a silver mounted bow I tend to leave it unpolished to prove that it is really silver

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1 minute ago, Strad O Various Jr. said:

...I find it impossible to distinguish polished silver from polished nickel silver through pictures...

It is a lot harder to distinguish between them when they're polished, but the polished metal in the other pictures is white like silver; it doesn't have the slight yellowish hue of nickel.

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I’ll admit it can be extremely difficult to tell in your hand let alone from pictures. I usually can see in the bright sunlight nickel vs silver. On older bows silver often looses its sharp edges because is softer.  Not always though 

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Get one of those under-$10 black light flashlights on ebay.  Real whalebone fluoresces under the UV, plastic does not.  (You can find all kinds of blemishes on your violin with one, too.)  It can be hard to distinguish the real from the plastic, even in person sometimes.  Of course there is a more invasive technique suggested to me once, which I don't recommend -- stick a red hot pin into it. The plastic will melt, the real whalebone won't.  All that aside, I concur with Brad's comment about not expecting to find whalebone on a near-new Chinese bow.

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