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21 minutes ago, nathan slobodkin said:

Presumably the wood was split badly. Not much to do but pay more attention to that in the future.

Or the wood was sawed, paying little attention to how well the saw cut was aligned with the natural features of the wood.

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It was a small piece of spectacularly/uniquely figured wood. The only way to get a decently cut piece of quarter cut myrtle would require me to go to Oregon and do it myself. As far as sound is concerned, according to guitar forums to paraphrase "it sounds like maple but more complex".

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You can try laying on a "stain" using a very opaque colorant (ie clay). It will fill the flames and mute them a little, although possibly a little unevenly. Using an opaque varnish also would work. Otherwise you can try a matte finish... if you dare.

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if it is wide enough, and you haven't done theoutline yet, saw the joint apart and flip one side over, then at least it will be all up or down!

You could always just burn the flames with pigment/stain and then it won't be an issue. I would just live with it.


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