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EEK! Look What We Found in This eBay Fiddle!

Jeny Mahon

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So, uh... I bought this fiddle. 

It got here and was covered with "dust" on the top.  I noticed "something" rolling around inside... not the soundpost but what looked to be a cast-off insect casing. 

I did the usual and popped out the endpin to have a look inside. My view was blocked by a large mass.  >>SHUDDER<<

I managed to get a photo of it... carefully.

That's when it went into quarantine (double paper bags inside a zippered canvas bag) until I could get it to my friend's shop. 

God Bless that man for he is 1000% braver than I am.  He was removing the top in the usual way when we heard a heavy


We both looked at each other, horrified.  He said, "well that's not what I expected!"

I wheeled my chair as far away as I could at this point.   I'm not gonna lie, I felt queasy. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present a freaking ginormous dirt dobber nest that weighs 50 grams, found in an eBay fiddle. 

Apparently long abandoned but no less creepy! 









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7 hours ago, Jeny Mahon said:

GAHH!  OK that is MUCH worse!  Wow.  At least there were no live buggies in ours!  Yeek!

Ha good for you! It must be a nightmare meeting one of those, well, in a violin.:blink:

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