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Another Violin Identification :-)

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4 hours ago, AlexanderWinkler said:

Hello again everyone, i have looked more into the saxon/bohemian option on this violin, and wanted to know what you thought about this example below, as compare to my violin, does the saxon/bohemian fit better that the tyrolean? Thanks for all the help.

No idea what you have in mind, but neither do both violins look very similar to each other, nor this one is an Albani neither. Like it appears in the too small photos it seems to be an early 19th Markneukirchen.

As it was noted before, the Albani labels were part of the 19th/early 20th century wholesaler sheets with facsimile labels to put randomly into violins, so it's no wonder that they apear very often in all kind of instruments.

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Have y'all ever seen any other violins with known makers that have similare charactaristics to my violin, i have looked on the books and it seems that klingenthal and markneukirchen violins look quite different to mine. Any examples of violins that look like mine would help very much, but thanks for the help that y'all have already given.

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On 5/2/2021 at 7:24 PM, AlexanderWinkler said:

My violin has fluting that goes all the way to the back of the throat like the south germanic. And i am not sure what a pronounced back of the head is but i think my violin has it.

Rib construction

The rib corner joint on my violins is made on the inward facing edge, like the south germanic violins, as oposed to the Klingenthal violins where the joint is in the midle. The bottom rib is not in one piece. The linings and corners are pine. But the corners on my violin are sharp like the Klingenthal. My violins corner blocks cover about twice as much upper/lower rib as c bout rib, like the SOuth germanic, the linings are morticed by the way.

If these observations were right your violin isn't from the Saxon/Bohemian region anyway, so for what reason do you look up Markneukirchen violns?

There were also many obscure makers from the South German/Austrian region, also the varnish at yours seems to be altered, the soundholes possibly, too, therefore the chance to find anything similar is rather small.

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My apologies, If the OPs observations are correct, it does not appear to be a Saxon violin, there are several regions that used a construction like that but not Saxony, I was going off Jacob's assessment, But Blank face appears to be correct, trying to match it up with a known maker is not likely, there were so many lesser known makers and labels tend to have disappeared over time and been replaced with fakes like your label

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