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So what was this Violin that just got pulled off ebay? John Baker label

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I am very sceptical.

However if there is some truth / belief that this is a violin by Baker, then I would expect to see some kind of article about it at some point in one of the instrument journals. It would surely be an important find that would need to be discussed.


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15 hours ago, PRODEAL said:

Only two alternative characters from 27 when the full labels seen: 13 years apart.

Xylological department, not Peter Ratcliff etc.

Japan viol damaged. Changed hands in the last 20 years.

Explain, please.  Fine structure of wood is not an accepted method of violin dating, AFAIK.  Who did this? What database for comparison was used? 

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On 4/23/2021 at 7:44 AM, Shelbow said:

The signature on the two instruments are completely different. The K alone is completely unrelated in my opinion.

I wouldn't call them "signatures." They are simply hand-written labels. The labels may have been written by the person in the shop with the neatest handwriting.

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Well as I said I await more information from whoever owns it to show further evidence as to why this is likely to be an instrument by John Baker. There is not enough information about John Baker at the moment to know who he really was, let alone if he had people working for him or not. I look forward to seeing more information and hopefully some better photos taken in better lighting. :lol:

It would be great to see some more research on this obscure maker.

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Even if it does turn out to be genuinely old, based on dendro research, this doesn't confirm it is a Baker.

Any value will only be historical interest, as English fiddles seem to be curiously low valued by the market. A very broken old English fiddle, well... nopity.gif.5e155f263a7d7502d19763d81f769207.gif

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