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Why did they pin this bow?

Jeff White

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I have, what I'm pretty sure is an ok Marky German Pern/Nickel bow. Looks like a "Durro" stamp, I guess the importer Durro. Customer wants it fixed up to consign,but I'm not sure about what appears to me as an ebony "pin" about 1/4 the way up from the butt end of the stick.  I don't see any break, under magnification etc.  I would assume it was an older attempt to reinforce a long break, but I can't find anything.  Put it under UV and all I saw was newer shellac added to just the lapping/wrap area.  There is also a hole all the way through the stick under where the thumb leather would be, No pin in this.  One pic shows this, in relation to the ebony pin.  Thoughts?

   Another thought would be, how much of a devaluation on a bow like this?  Thinking this might not even  be worth restoring to selling condition for the customer.  Needs a little straightening, camber work, lapping/wrap and rehair.











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I’ve seen a few like that, and like you, could see no other reason/explanation.  There was no reason to fill the one under the grip.

Some insects are fanatical about precision....

I bet if you took the filler out and tried to put a drill bit in of a slightly smaller diameter, you’d see that it wasn’t really straight.

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Such holes are there for helping with the wire wrapping. The end of the wire is led into the hole and secured with a smal wooden dowel, after which one can proceed wrapping the bow. I've never seen it on both ends, only on the tip end side, but I'm pretty sure that here both were drilled by the maker for this purpose.

Edit note: I see now how far away the plugged tip end hole is from the frog, and I guess that sort of excludes my explanation, because it is too far away. The one under the thumb leather could be what I described.

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My first thought was the pin to hold in the silver wire, but it's in the wrong place(s).  Even the one toward the frog wouldn't make sense.  I"m gonna pull the ebony pin (it's a little loose anyway) and put in something less obvious. Probably fill Pern or with optical epoxy?

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On 3/29/2021 at 12:19 AM, fiddlecollector said:

Its probably a tiny tropical wood borer hole thats been plugged . yes pernambuco does get attacked by wood boring insects despite it being a very hard wood. Heres one i came across when working a bow stick, no idea what sort of insect it is!




Quite possibly the coolest pics that have been on M'net for years and years :)

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7 hours ago, mood2000 said:

to insert the end of the wire lapping in the hole as an old German school .

So, that pin closed the hole of the lapping end by someone else 

I get that (I used to do this, shudder at the thought now), but the holes are in the wrong places.  Both of them.

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