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Tools ( Caliper, Plane. Chisels etc ) for Sale


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These tools are for sale.

1. Diastra chisels, German, New
       16mm.  $25,        6mm.  $25
2. Japanese chisel, Best quality, New ( great chisel for rehairing, for mortises :  3mm.  $70
3. Finger Plane:   5mm , Flat , Brass (TA)   $25
     Finger Plane: 18mm , Round, Brass (TA)  $25
4. Mitutoyo Dial Caliper, New, Stainless Steel
     Range: 100mm,  1 turn = 5mm.      $75
5. Graduation/thickness Dial Caliper.   $120
     Custom machined Aluminum Frame, Depth = 330mm,  With New Kafer Dial
6. Joiner Plane and Blade (laminated)  $120
     Similar to the CSVM joiner plane, well adjusted ready for use.
      Wood is seasoned, Very stable, Works great.
7. Dictum cello peg shaper, middle sizes, new, brown,  $75
Plus shipping.
If interested, pls text or email to:
312-909-1450 or 
Koo Young Chung 
PS: No PM please.







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