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Tricolore Heifetz Setup


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Hello, Im trying the "Heifetz Setup" once my violin gets out of the shop. It is the tricolore, by Gamut strings, silver wound gut G, naked D&A, and the Goldbrokat medium E. Before i used the pirastro passione g, EP gold D & A and the wondertone E. Does anyone have experience with the Tricolores? Im new to the gut world. 

P.S. here's gamut's website if you are interested Gamut Music. Inc.

this is the strings Gut Music Strings - Violin Strings - Tricolore Violin Strings - Gamut Music

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I've no experience with either the Gamut reproductions, or the original Tricolores https://www.gamutmusic.com/tricolore-string-return, but be aware that Heifetz was reputed to be able to pull concert sound out of a student's trade fiddle in masterclasses, so maybe the secrets aren't in the strings.  :)

That sounds like a very good price for a set of gut. 

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I did with a plain gut a and d,  but a Gold Label e, so it wasnt exactly the official Heifetz. Worked OK but not much different than a gold label G. You just have to try. Its amazing how well a plain gut d and a can work with a steel e. I think most people struggle a bit at first with plain gut, but eventually you get hooked. Still not something I would take into orchestra though.

I still miss the old Golden Spiral gut strings, the g worked really well in this situation.

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Great that you are experimenting. Honestly, I have no idea how Heifetz sounded the way he did on the Sibelius. The re-mastered RCA recording sounds a little "soft." I often question if the artifacts of the tone had to be partly due to the closer miking of the soloist. Listening closely to Heifetz's sound, I hear intense sizzling but smoothly controlled and delivered phrasing.

We have strings in common. The GB 26 and 27, Wondertone Solo and Gold Label are on most of my instruments. The purpose for each e- string are different and the WT Solo is sweeter so the changes in bow velocity are more noticeable, more color in the clear range. The GB 26 pushes easier ( thus the pairing with the gut? ) while the GB 27 can be intense and work better for technical works. The gold label is installed when there are fast high passages. 

I try almost everything on the market. But have mostly used EP mediums on g-, d-, a- strings for chamber music for availability and its predictability, say for a decade or so. They can be slightly boring in character now. Have not switched to any EP gold, though many students like them. My perception of the EP Gold was that they were weaker on the upper d- string when last used. Have tried the GB variations with different coatings and like them as they last longer. Hopefully, that offers you a reference.

The last gut sets purchased were Gamut, regular- type varnished. Silver g- string can be a bit too strong to blend, but that will depend on the instrument. Silver sounds great to me, and even prefer Silver to Tungsten on my cellos when not playing symphonic material or sitting in section. As for the Heifetz set, the presumption is for post- baroque music?

I borrowed/ traded a slightly used set of the Tricolore and was not very easily able to create that intense sound throughout. The strings were installed on a bright, powerful Vieuxtemps - DG copy. Playing closer to the bridge with nice even strokes ( very precise modern bow ) produced a little sizzle. But the already brightly tilted tone of the instrument tipped the overtones into a deafening haze - even on a slightly played set. The pitches were not necessarily loud, just noisier that expected. Not warmer like the David.

The less than pleasant sound/ playing was not the string's fault. The attempt was to achieve that intensity, and with too many expectations just could not pull nice long tones or fast, blazing arpeggios or register leaps. I kill off gut e- strings quickly and this particular a- string did not last long. Since these strings were installed once before, I did not break in the strings slowly. 

Rosin types do matters. Some will scoff, but when you start to rate the strings, one starts to identify strengths and weaknesses in the strings, your playing, the bow and the instrument. The sound might have been warmest with the Andrea cake and noisiest with an older harder cake of Liebenzeller Gold 1.

Since I am performing very little, there has been degradation in my playing this past year. I am trying to burn off my Dominant sets but are truly enjoying them in doing so. Actually, the strings might be burning me. They do go wild quickly and are both chaotic and easy to play on - a byproduct of familiarity for a better part of 20 years. The pianist who is willing to work with a clear polycarbonate ( expensive ) divider between us comments that the soft passages lack clarity and focus, as does the cellist who has received the vaccine. They like the punch and clarity ( immediacy? ) of the EP better. The pianist does not play harpsichord but commented that the Dominants might be fine for baroque duo sonatas. Lately, though, I am finding the EPs a bit of a disappointment. My guess is that she would also find the Tricolore sound weaker or less present.

On a borrowed ancient Italian instrument that had to be returned a little more than a decade ago, rather than gut, an early set of Warchal Brilliants were used with better result ( than wound gut - gold label ) for the duration of the loan. I think the Passione were just being released to the public at that time. The music was performed at a= 440+hz on music to about Brahms - era. 

Look forward to reading your observations. Hope they work well. The pricing is not bad, but would likely break more a- stings. I would definitely try the Tricolore again but on a much more fuller sounding instrument.

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Ive been using them for a while and i think they are my new perminate string, the G is perfectly delectable and the A matches very well, I get exactly what I want from them. It matches the character of my violin but i think i will switch to a silver wound D bc the naked gut is a little thick. Ive had no issues with them how ever this time around im going to get un varnished and im trying the high tension out

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