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Hello all, obvious new guy--hope to be able to contribute, though...

But, a question:  from descending a phrase of notes on the same string, as in a scale, my pinky and ring finger seem too sympathetic, or linked, with each other.  Seems a finger should remain the same height above the strings independent of the adjacent fingers.  But I think it's physically natural for one finger to follow the other.  Ergo, pinky wants to do a 'tea-cup' point when ring finger comes off the string.  It doesn't affect speed or intonation, just kind of looks like flailing.  Should it matter, you think? 

If it does, can you suggest exercises that might suppress this and keep the ring and pinky down low?

Sorry if this topic is too miniscule...I'll figure the board out as we go...thanks

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You can do finger strengthening exercises. They will help develop the muscles to some extent...so it never hurts to incorporate some into your daily routines (provided you don't over do it)!

Examples: Tapping on a table while you have lunch, tapping in the steering wheel at a red light, etc.

But other than that, there's not much you can do. We're short on ligaments...^_^

P.s. it takes a while to coordinate your fingers too, so you will be able to see the initial improvement, and hopefully you'll soon be aware of the improvement while playing.

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Gently, without pain or tension, without forcing, as slowly at first as necessary, perform movements with your fingers (on a table, perhaps) that are as close as you can get to the way you would like them to behave on the violin.  Just focus on what your fingers can do, how much independence they actually have, and what you can do in a very relaxed way.  This is about learning fine motor control of your fingers, and getting used to the feeling of relaxation.  Then transfer this feeling to the violin.

You won't be able to be that relaxed all the time on the violin, but try to find ways to stay in orbit around that feeling, and return to it when possible.

Watch out for instances in which you are introducing tension unnecessarily on the violin, i.e. when it is not buying you anything.  Tension is like an important nutrient that is also a poison in large doses.  Use it to make musical things happen, but don't waste it on things that don't matter.   Sympathetic movement of the fingers is indeed normal and fine, but your description is a little vague and sounds a bit like you might have a lot of tension going on.

Strength is great too, as it increases the range of what you can do in a relaxed way.

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