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Gold Mounted Richard Grunke


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Here are some more pictures of the crack of the ivory plate. I said wear because the pearl eyes are really recessed and the stamp on the frog is very faint, not as strong as others I have seen.

The bow plays very, maybe a little frog heavy, but a great bow nonetheless 




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23 minutes ago, Jim Bress said:

Many high quality bow makers are priced ~$4500 for their new work, including Richard and Klaus Grunke. At $3900 for a modern bow I would look for bows in excellent condition, or commission directly from the maker. My 2 cents. 

Richard Grünke is no longer alive, so you will only be able to buy a second hand one, unless Klaus has some of his fathers left over. It would have been better to ask Klaus, rather than the Maestronet forum anyway richard.gruenke@t-online.de

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4 hours ago, vio.lino said:

Thank you for all of the help. What would you value it at? The seller is asking for $3900 USD

Also, is there a reason why Richard Grunke seems less esteemed than his son Klaus?

A. it seems a very low price for a gold mounted Grünke ....

B. I don't think this is the case 

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