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1890 German Violin Bow


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10 minutes ago, Brad Dorsey said:

It is very expensive for an anonymous German nickel-mounted bow stamped BAUSCH.  But if it plays better than anything else in your price range, it might be worth $3500 to you.  I suggest that you try more bows.

I tend to agree.  The half mounted frog makes me rather suspicious .  Seems rather high.


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8 hours ago, Blank face said:

It's a simple Markneukirchen area trade bow. The long pearl slide is the cheap version of metal work. IMO more close to 350.

Exactly what I thought. Not a bad bow, maybe, but look at random violin shops and see what $3500 will buy you. This is a nickel mounted Bausch-stamped bow, owned by the heirs of a colleague. They asked me to flog it for them and I sent these pictures to Tarisio. They politely declined. Yours is a better bow, but definitely the same level.of bow.





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