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Curious about f hole shape


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19 minutes ago, GeorgeH said:

They remind me a bit of the Guarneri f-holes in Ed Heron-Allen book, "Violin Making As It Was and Is"

Anyway, you will need to show many more pictures of your violin if you want more information about its origins.


Yeah, Guarneri often made the angular FF's with sharply pointed wings but the OP's are at the extreme end being much longer and more dramatic than the Heron Allen pattern. They are a slightly exaggerated version of a particular Guarneri from the late thirties but I don't remember the exact one.

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The middle volute in the scroll is very droopy, is the one on the treble side the same or did somebody go crazy with the knife?

The F-Holes actually remind me a little bit of those on my own cello, which is a Caron. But yours are a bit more “aggressive.”

Overall it’s a pretty violin, does it have a bow?


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On 3/11/2021 at 12:41 PM, GeorgeH said:

All the OP's pictures are from an eBay listing. <_<

Because I was thinking of buying it, and thought it would be useful to seek an informed opinion. And I am interested in the unusual f hole shape, as are apparently others judging by the interesting responses above. However on this board it seems you're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

And I wasn't duping anyone :huh:

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10 minutes ago, Aurella said:

Because I was thinking of buying it, and thought it would be useful to seek an informed opinion.

No worries, Aurella, but your post belonged in the Auction Scroll, not the Pegbox.

The f-hole shapes really are not unusual.

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Fair enough, I don't think it is unusual however.

What you are looking at, is what I'd describe as a generic trade violin.
These aren't a copy of anything one way or the other, but at the workshop, they seize upon an obvious feature and exaggerate it hugely. In this case done to make it more obviously Guarneri, despite the outline and scroll not being terribly faithful.

Unless it's super cheap, you would be better to go to a shop, since this is not set-up. At a shop you can at least try a few or a dozen, and choose the one you like, rather than having to put up with what comes in the post.
Full set-up, fittings and strings can cost quite a bit, if they are done by someone who knows what they are doing.

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Thanks guys, I'm sorry, I am still finding my way around this forum. I do appreciate all the kind responses!

Incidentally I did contact the seller before I decided not to go ahead with the purchase, and he indicated that it would arrive set up. In any case I would have been able to set it up easily myself, I'm quite used to that :D The violin would be for one of my students, not for me.

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