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Colophony varnish/ cooking vessel and effects on final result


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From Theofilus Monk and Hermenia, to Sloane MS and Merrifield Ms collection, the varnish was prepared in various kind of vessels. 

Older posts are discussing about these materials generally. 

Is there any appropriate material for heating varnish and how different are the results? 

Inox pots: some older posts refer that colophony gets darker. I was cooking in Inox and I think it had some effect on drying time. 

Aluminium: I use iron to get colophony darker. In such case, does Aluminum, iron and colophony interact each other? I have an old alu. pot and I plan to test it. 

Copper: this was used for sure in ancient times, since historically is one of the oldest metals in use (even from Homeric times- Copper was used from everyday items to weapons). 

Modern Ceramic pots: These vessels have some layers of protective films, but materials are not known to the end user. Once, I cooked varnish in a ceramic pot that had damaged surface and the cracked layer was mixing with the varnish. 

Zinc pots: Zinc was historically used a lot in making cheap cooking vessels. 


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On 3/7/2021 at 5:48 PM, joerobson said:

You just need a pot that does the job.

Heat distribution is the most important factor.   I cook some varnish in a heavy bottom stainless steel pot and some in cast iron.  Resin gets cooked in cast iron.

on we go,


Thank you for the advice.

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