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Darnton Violin on March Tarisio FI Auction

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14 hours ago, John Alexander said:

I am a new member and noticed this thread.  I bought this instrument at the Tarisio auction yesterday.  I’m a late adult beginner (1.5 yrs) and super excited to get it and try it out!

Congrats on your purchase.

Take it to a qualified luthier before you try it out. According to Tarisio, the soundpost crack on the top does not have a soundpost patch or cleats, but it does look like it's been glued and retouched. You don't want the crack to re-open under tension, so you want to be sure it was repaired adequately and the sound post is properly fit.

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23 hours ago, Three13 said:

My take on this is that you have to look at these things on a case by case basis - the viola in question has turned out to be great sounding, and projects well. The second professional who saw the viola in question picked it up, played it and loved it. I guess he wasn't a size queen...

 ( ,,, )

Absolutely. Just wished that others understand this.

Smaller violas that sound and play well are helpful to me as a teaching tool. Impressed that your instincts are correct. Mine are certainly not as sharp. I recently purchased a 15" that was to be "properly" set up hoping it would sound better but it still sucks quite a bit. 

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On 3/27/2021 at 9:31 AM, John Alexander said:

To my eye it does not appear to be a sound post crack.  It looks like the crack is a about 2 mm out from the treble side bridge foot.

Agreed, that definately doesn't require something as invasive as a SP patch to me.

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