How does one choose a good Baroque bow?

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When you go to a maker (bow or violin) you will be asked how you play and what you want out of the bow.  If you have never played a Baroque style bow you won't be able to say how you play with a Baroque bow.  A Baroque style bow from a respected modern maker will cost the same as a modern style bow from the same maker, i.e. thousands of dollars.  Personally I would be reluctant to spend so much on something I know so little about.  I would recommend getting an inexpensive bow, something like what Shar sells (under $200).  If you use such a bow enough to appreciate the difference between Baroque and modern style you would be in a position to make judgments about more expensive, better, bows.  I was happy to see David Hawthorne mentioned in a post above.  The late Judson Griffin was a well respected early music musician in the New York City area and he owned Bows by Hawthorne which he strongly recommended.

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Actually, baroque bows are less expensive than modern bows by the same maker; that's what I found. And, as Gowan states, baroque bows differ among themselves, just as modern bows do; one bow will work better for one piece of music, whereas another piece will insist you choose another bow.   That's how some of us become collectors...

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