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3 hours ago, Blank face said:

Reminds me of old Füssen. Can you tell something about the inside work (corner blocks, linings), the rib joints and if the scroll is fluted to the end of the throad?

Hi BF, as always, thank you for your comment. The violin is fully blocked and lined with the linings not inserted into the blocks. There are two holes in the neck block, and the bass bar looks relatively new. The scroll fluting goes all the way to the end, and the pegbox is carved almost until the end of throat as well. I tried to capture the length of the pegbox in one of the photos, where it looks like it ends only a mm from the fluting. The bottom rib is one piece. 

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If you are sure that the linings aren't inserted into the blocks, it's getting difficult. Very old Füssen built on the back, but your violin doesn't look old enough IMO. Can you see if the corner blocks are longer in the C bout ribs (what could point to a French construction built over pre-installed blocks), or if the ribs are inserted into grooves at the bottom?

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8 minutes ago, jacobsaunders said:

I have the impression that the violin started life with a dark varnish

Yes, at the deeper regions around the purfling or at the endgrain areas of the belly arching it look like there are remains of a darker varnish.

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Totally wild speculation but, is the back a replacement?  The top corners are little nubs and the back corners are not.  The top purfling and back purfling look slightly different to me; the back purfling looks narrower and the blacks stronger.  


front purf.jpg


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17 hours ago, GeorgeH said:

Were not later Füssen built using inside molds? That is what I thought you were thinking it might possibly be.

If you don’t mind me saying so, I think your question is an invitation to generalise to much. One must understand, that the system in Füssen was not that of a town with a hundred or so adult violin makers, rather they exported 13 year old boys (no girls, it wasn’t “woke” then) to go and work for related(?) makers in towns along the Po or Danube, or elsewhere. During the last few decades of the 18th C. there were actually relatively few violins made in Füssen, although those such as Gedler, for instance, used inside moulds. Earlier Füssen makers built on the back

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Upon further inspection, I think the linings could be let into the block. What looked to me like the lining stopping short, looks to me now like just a reductive repair.



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