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This is a commercially mass-produced instrument that would never be mistaken for a genuine Stainer.  It appears to be in in good conditional structurally but with some cosmetic damage.  Its value, after reconditioning and assuming it sounds decent, is less than $1000.

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5 hours ago, Elisabeth Harrison said:

Hi , I wonder if someone could help me with the make and valuation of my violin . I last played it 50 years ago and I’ve not opened the case since . I was looking at selling it ..

Before you sell it, I think you should have it overhauled and give playing it another go.

You may enjoy the process very much.

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23 hours ago, Elisabeth Harrison said:

If only ! I’ve such bad arthritis in my hands now... to be young again ! 

Yes, old age sucks.  I have arthritis in my feet.  No more power-walking my dogs...:(

But!  You also have to use it or lose it...and playing the violin (even just a little bit) can help 'exercise' the joints to keep them limber.  Don't play to sound as exercise and for fun, if it can still be fun.

I can't power walk the dogs anymore, but I still take them outside for 'yard walks', toss the ball, etc.  I still have to use my feet so I try to 'exercise' them as much as I can.

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