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This is a HOPF violin for sale on an auction site with about five hours left to go and I am looking for advice on the predictable quality of the instrument. My current violin is a cheap Gewa Ideale student model that I purchased new for about $400 maybe 10 years ago when I first began learning. I've wanted a nicer sounding instrument for a very long time and after dropping my case for the first time my current instrument has a split in the back seam. The already tinny sound has been made even worse and I've been looking for something old at a low price that I can take care of for years to come. There's not a rush, but I dig the beat up look of this old thing (apart from the odd tail inlay) and bidding is at under $200. Any guesses on sound quality? I'm not worried about the "authenticity" of whether this is a 1700's HOPF (in my dreams) or one of his descendants or a knockoff entirely (alright I care a little bit). I just want it to sound a few degrees better than what I already have. Based on the attached photos, any guesses? Also, for what it's worth, I think the profile shot is misleading as to the condition of the varnish; the other photos show a much shinier surface.














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Its actually pretty nice for a mass produced Hopf branded fiddle, it would probably sound quite decent, country fiddlers often like Hopfs, but classical players not so much, unfortunately it has what looks like a fresh opened center join on the back, by the time you pay a competent restorer to fix that and set up the violin properly you're out hundreds of dollars and its not really worth buying in that condition as its not worth that much fully restored, I suggest you go to a violin shop and try instruments that are already fully set up, buying online is a fools errand if you're not a real expert.

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