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What kind of damage does this indicate?


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19 minutes ago, Rue said:

I've worked/hung out with a lot of people from all over. East Indian accents are fine as soon as you adjust your hearing to account for the lilt/musicality of how English is spoken (which sometimes changes where the emphasis on the syllables end up). That...and you also need to adjust for a couple of sounds that don't come naturally.  My office partner can't manage a 'sh', so 'she' sounds like a mangled 'see'.

My parents, German immigrants, couldn't pronounce 'th' for the life of them!  So 'teeth = teet. Moth = mot.  When the 'th' sounds more like a 'z', zen zere was no problem. ^_^


One of my Chinese friends just bought a new car, a Rincoln. His prior car was a Cadirrac. ;)

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On 2/5/2021 at 4:42 PM, Bill Merkel said:

In my experience they're teaching differential equations which relegates the accent to a minor difficulty.

Ha.  No, it was an Iranian accent that came with my partial differential equations class.  But thermo....yeah, Indian.

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