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On 4/24/2021 at 7:43 AM, Rusticgirl said:

I am interested in getting a projector for sewing patterns.

Just wondering what brand you bought and if it any good for projecting sewing patterns?

Good to see you have found another use for it. 


Rusticgirl:  the projector I bought was Vivimage explore 2 mini projector; about $140.  We use it with an old Macbook.    There is a learning curve to set it up, but I installed it and calibrated it over about 4 hours of time.  The facebook group "projectors for sewing" is invaluable for getting started.  And yes, my wife uses it almost daily and will never go back to paper patterns.  Almost all sewing pattern makers now are converting their online files to be projector friendly.  Good luck getting started!  

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I also have just purchased the Vivimage explore 2 mini projector too. Should arrive mid May, so excited to try it out.

All new to me. I intend to plug a memory stick into unit to test, then depends on how high it is if I continue doing this.

My laptop is an old 2012 ASUS. Love it & still going.

Still have to figure how to mount it, as I don't want to drill holes in wall as I am renting.

I have high cathedral ceilings, mounting there impossible for me.

I live in Australia and follow the Facebook projector sewing group for Australia. The Vivimage explore 2 mini projector seems popular within group.

I bought an extendible rod with swivel end to face downwards to cutting table.

How far above table do you have the projector mounted?

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Thankyou for your help.

Now to wait for projector to arrive.

Then figure how to mount it.

Was thinking out from wall with extendible pole that has rotating screw end. 

Projector is supposed to weigh just under a kilogram. So hopefully it will support it.

I wonder if there is a sliding rail set-up to make it easier to change height if needed.

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