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53 minutes ago, Rachell66 said:

I had a full makeover, new soundpost, best bridge fitted by Bridgewood and Neitzert in London. It did not change that part one bit. The rest of the violin projects a whole lot better. What else could it be? 

What particular sort of Mittenwald violin is it?  Could you please post photos sufficient for identification?  :)

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It's not so raspy... But it's not a sharp clean sound either. There was a problem with the fingerboard that Gary from Bridgewood and Neitzert fixed. 

It's resonant, it rings out beautifully. It is not by far a superior instrument, not by a long shot. But the sound is just powerful and piercingly beautiful, without any shrill harshness. Just velvety.

What do you think? 










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Are you sure this is Mittenwald ...?

But with regard to the issue of tone, there are thousands upon thousands of violins which sound great, except for a couple of odd spots in the register which are weak or pokey, dull or harsh. Occasionally these are set-up issues, but more generally they are in the nature of the violin. As time passes I am less and less concerned by whether a violin is bright or dark, smooth or aggressive - the quality of a violin seems to me now to be almost entirely to do with even-ness of response and consistency of tone across the register.

This seems to be very difficult fo a maker to achieve, and it's precisely the thing which separates the sheep from the goats.


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2 hours ago, Rachell66 said:


I would appreciate any comments about the violin. 

Thanks, Rachel 

Several years ago, I posted a guide for telling the difference between the mass produced Mittenwald violins, and those from Markneukirchen. You might like to use it to attribute your fiddle yourself, rather than people telling you.


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12 hours ago, Rachell66 said:

The note b or c on the g string of the violin, not higher position. In first position 

That's a strange place to have a problem like this. Could there be a bit of a bump in the fingerboard around this area?

Edit: sorry, I see you've already discussed that. It would still be the first place I'd check, though.

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You know it would help to know what all the components are supposed to look like. To see clear different photos of comparing 2 violins. Or 4 for that matter. 

I think it is still a Mittenwald. But I have some doubt. Although Gary would not have said it was a Mittenwald for nothing. He is an expert. 

It is still very informative and fun to be discussing it

If anybody can post any photos to support this argument it would be helpful. 

Bottom line is... I'm a beginner, and for a beginner this is a really great sounding violin to be playing on. 

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