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Old (English??) cello identification


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12 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

If you keep your moronic comments to yourself too

Ooooo!  Sounds like somebody woke up too early, then stepped in cat poop.  :lol:

17 hours ago, Rickolls said:

You obviously know your stuff Jacob. But I must say I’m quite surprised at the hostility I’m receiving here. I was just making an honest post and looking for some helpful advice. I’m really unsure why that seems to annoy you so much?

Thanks anyway 


Welcome to MN!  Ignore Jacob for the moment, he's just being slightly more curmudgeonly than usual. 

The cello looks like it mostly just needs a good setup, and new strings.   :)


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Hi Rick
just seen this old post

I bought a very similar cello to this in a local auction recently, no label i suspect late 19th century, only cost around £500 i used it to do my first restoration attempt.  someone had poorly over varnished it with off the shelf clear coat complete with drips running down the ribs. :(
I removed the drips, made my own varnish for the first time,removed the fingerboard which was hard wood painted, rebonised it with strong black leather die and linseed oil finish, fitted a better light weight tail, belgian bridge and quality strings with fine tune pegs. The cello doesn't look particurly great but it sounds and plays better than my main expensive contemporary cello.
i've learnt quite a bit about working on cello's from working in this cheap cello 

good luck with it



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