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49 minutes ago, Strad O Various Jr. said:

No one would believe your fakes, but they might believe the Roth because people like you think no one would fake a Roth!

Fake Italians are so passé.  Why compete with the Gaddas?  :lol:

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8 hours ago, uguntde said:

If I were in that business I would only copy Italian violins, Bisiach, Fagnola and the likes. Mch better profit.

Maybe we should start a new thread "How to make fakes and which are the most profitable. A beginners guide".

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11 hours ago, uguntde said:

If I were in that business I would only copy Italian violins, Bisiach, Fagnola and the likes. Mch better profit.

Very few people could convincingly pull that off, and the more expensive a violin is, the more scrutiny it will be subjected to. Bisiach, Fagnola etc have been faked for many years, so people are wary.

Lesser violins, many people will often take at face value, or are buying from places which have little expertise themselves.

If you take a nice Markneukirchen violin, and do the work to make it into a Roth, Juzek etc, there is still thousands in profit for someone, and the risk of being caught out lower for them.
It’s been said even Jay Haides are being faked. If someone can keep selling those, soon it mounts up to a lot of money over a year.

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then see their list of fine French violins in their inventory before you make too quick a judgment about their business.

7 hours ago, Blank face said:

Can't see how I made a judgement about their business.

I owe you an apology Blank Face. You are absolutely right. You made no judgement about their business, simply an observation that this music shop is more specialized in wind instruments, which you saw from their eBay post about a violin.  I assumed you were making a judgement on their business because of your reference to eBay.  I've seen so many cautionary and negative comments on MN about any violin sold on eBay, I erroneously connected dots in my mind that should not have been connected (...many counterfeit violins on eBay; this violin is on eBay; therefore it is most likely counterfeit and this store is not to be trusted...).  As soon as any of the experienced MN members, and I count you among them, reference eBay, I take it as a pejorative comment because more often than not, it is.  And as is so often the case, assumptions are not valid.  I'll try to be more careful about allowing my own biases from causing me to read intent into comments that just are not there.  Thanks for calling me out on that.

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