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Thickness Mapping Program?


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Yes @MikeC was talking about this exact thing in this thread:

He said if you contact Hans then the software is still available but it is a bit expensive. Seems that Mike C acquired it though as he referenced it in one of his latest updates to his makers bench thread (also below).


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I have Magic Probe v4  and it came in useful especially to measure assembled violins to see if  thinning the the top would be a productive tonal improvement before removing the top or to diagnose the "tubby boxy" tonal quality if the assembled violin's top plate was too thin..  The contour plot is a quick useful visual reference that can be used in discussion with other luthiers.

I was looking for a Magic Probe User Group where luthiers both guitar makers and violin makers could share their setup techniques and more importantly their Master files which  have the map locations, the outline and the exclusion areas such as f-holes.  As with any software program there are anomalies that could be avoided in discussion with others. The software does not come with a written guide ( I wrote my own) but the web site has video tutorials as to how to use it.  It is not so useful for a maker where plate measurements can be made directly with a thickness caliper.

My interest in contour plots was renewed when MikeC posted his contour plot using Excel which can plot color values based on cell values and based on the cell locations. Although usable it was a bit crude which is why he pursued H Pulhar plotting software.

Since I will be remotely tutoring a 2nd year Calculus student whose professor says Matlab will be part of the course I decided to "learn" Matlab by connecting it with something useful such as violin contour maps from xyz data.  Matlab is extensively used in Vector Calculus and Differential Equation courses and is made available through the university site.  Octave on the other hand is freely available and is a clone of Matlab.

You can check out my programming diversion here

Here is my Octave (Matlab) experimental program with my comments.  It was written to contour plot a back but the output had some visual "island" errors.  Here is the output for a top I am currently working on.  Maybe this will help you get started and then you can share your program and results




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Hans still has the mapping software available.  I didn't find a link to it on his site but emailed him and he had it.  It works well and not difficult to use.    I don't have magic probe so I don't know how it compares.   I think the probe sends data to the software so that would be a nice feature.  With Hans' software you import a picture of your plate, or in my case the graph paper with thickness values,  then you click on the image to mark the measuring points and enter the thickness values, then the program creates the map image.    I am a programmer but only just now beginning to learn Python and C# so decided to skip that learning curve and purchase it. 

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