Fingerboard stuck on the violin

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I didn't play the violin for around 3 weeks (yes, I know, right).

Today I took it out and I found it was hard to press the strings because the strings were elevated.

I took a better look and I found that the end part of the fingerboard was stuck on the violin (upper bout?) and the joint (?) of the neck now has a small gap.

I almost had a heart attack. And my violin was only repaired few weeks ago (basically the entire violin fell apart)

Not the luthier's fault - I don't have a proper violin case and it's very humid here. Plus I didn't play for a few weeks.

Before I go back to the luthier again, has that ever happened to anyone? Fixable? Easy or hard to fix? (Just to be prepared how much I need to pay).

Thank you.



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6 hours ago, chika said:

...has that ever happened to anyone? Fixable? Easy or hard to fix?  (Just to be prepared how much I need to pay)...

This has happened to many people.  It's easy to fix.  Different luthiers will charge different amounts, but probably less than $100.  Do not try to fix it yourself.

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Some will just glue it back in place and charge very little, some may question why it came out in the first place and do a new neck set, which is rather expensive. The latter mayor may not be appropriate in your case. 

I would reasonably hope for a simple glue back in.

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loosen the strings.


Depending on what is or is not inside of the mortice, it may be as simple as cleaning things up, placing small shims at the bottom of the mortice, and reglue the neck.

Please don't try to repair it yourself, or let a "handy" friend glue it. If you don't fix the basic problem-the neck doesn't fit-it will come out again.

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Thank you guys for all the replies and inputs! What a relief :) I'll loosen the strings right now.

I had a neck reset last time. Basically, due to humidity and neglecting the violin for a couple of months, I didn't even notice the humidity ruined the outer layer of the violin case and the violin basically fell apart into a few pieces (the neck completely detached). Yes, it was painful. It was stupid of me to place the not-very-often-played violin close to the window which has condensation every morning.

Since the repair last time, I moved the violin far from the window. Still waiting for the new violin case to arrive but hasn't come after 3 weeks. Then this happened. I'll just order a makeshift one urgently while taking the violin to the luthier.

I live in Czech Republic. FYI last time I had a neck reset, the luthier even changed all the strings, tailpiece, changed the bridge, added a fine tuner etc...everything cost around 45USD. :)  (Not sure because I showed up with my toddler, or because we were/are neighbours.)

I'll come back after the repair! 


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