Stolen 1675 Nicolo Amati found under a drug dealer’s bed

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Blame it on grandma.

@PhilipKT, there was a cello bow involved, too!



The recovery of the rare and valuable Nicolo Amati violin began in April 2019, when police raided a suspected drug dealer’s apartment. Though no illegal drugs were found at the time, they did find the violin under his bed.

They confiscated the instrument after the suspect was unable to explain how he ended up with it. He later provided a story saying that his grandmother had purchased it from a pawn shop in Colombia and had bought it to Italy by his sister-in-law.

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Um... I kinda want to know what else was going on in this... "laboratory" :blink:

"According to Omura’s complaint in 2005, a violin bow and a cello bow were also missing, which led to further investigations that resulted in the recovery of those two bows in the laboratory of the craftsman in Cremona whose business card was found with the violin."

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