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I blame Philip ^_^

I live in an area with a dearth of instruments. Every now and then I see what's available in the neighbourhood.

This is currently the only cello on offer.

Is it a stripped Markie? Back looks nice. Cracks on the front concerning. Set-up looks questionable?





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I’m really curious to hear what others say too! I saw this same ad as well. The ad states no cracks though.....I’m not going to pretend to be an expert but I see a few cracks on the top.

I as well thought the vanish may have been stripped at some point too. It does look like a pretty cello if someone might be willing to spend a bit extra on the work it would need!

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The bow appears to be plastic. Varnish certainly looks like it has been stripped, But I can’t tell whether it has been re-varnished. The wood looks kind of niceBut I can’t tell whether it has been re-varnished. The wood looks kind of nice... the endpin Is old-fashioned and cheap, And was commonly seen on cellos way back in the day, which indicates maybe, a little bit of age, but any reasonable cellist would’ve replaced it.

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I actually replied to this ad when it was first posted and told the same about its age. I also requested photos where the cracks are...I was pretty specific in asking what additional photos I wanted. 

To Their credit, they did send other photos but nothing in the ball park of what I was asking for. So I decided to not pursue it any longer. I get annoyed when sellers come off potentially as less than honest. 

I do think they know perhaps of ten years of history but I think the cello is likely older than that, so I don’t think your entirely wrong!

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51 minutes ago, Rue said:

No. Assumed it was older. Might not have a brand, there was only one picture of a label. 

If it's 10 years old, what would you restore?

Perhaps “repair” is a better word. I’d have to see it in person, but quoting from Fawlty Towers, “ Lick o’ paint, Lick o’ paint, an’ she’s right as rain!”

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