Which date on this accurate?

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More pics. I found it for $25 at a shop and it had strings missing. Bow all messed and needed a new tailpiece so this is after it was give. Those new bits. Sound post I think was rolling around inside. Got a new bridge. I don’t remember if we have it new pegs or not. Repairs cost around $350 I don’t know if it was worth it but she just was pretty and seemed worth saving. 3/4 size I think. I would love to know it’s age. spacer.png







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More pics
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3 hours ago, martin swan said:

To me it looks more like an additional line of varnish covering the seam

There are no gaps one reason I bought it. Didn’t want anything too expensive to fix. So You are correct. :)  as far as myself and the luthier can see anyway.  

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