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Collection of Violin Books for sale. Selling as a lot.  I am closing up shop and need to sell.

Here is the list:


Meister Italienischer Geigenbaukeust

Walter Hamma

The Classic Lines of Italian Violinmaking

Carlo Vettori

Violin Restoration first printing #392

Weissar & Shipman

Arte Liutaria - Analysis of Antique Instruments and Restoraation Techniques #286 signed

Carlo Vettori

The Book of the Violin 1987

Dominic Gill

Il Liutaio 1978


La Casa Nuziale

Arnoldo Baruzzi

Violin Varnishes


The International School of Cremona Two Score Years of Violin-Making

Gualtiero Nicolina

The Violin

Paolo Peterlongo

The Hill Collection of Musical Instruments 1969

David D Boyden

Violin Varnish and Coloration

Martins Roberts Zemitis

Il Manoscritto Littario Di G A Marchi first edition 1986

R Regazzi

Known Violin Makers 4th ed 1983

John Fairfield

You Can Make a Stradivarius Violin 1967


Italian Violin Varnishes

George Fry

Bows and Bow Makers

William C Retford

The Bow, History, Manufacture and Use

Henry Saint-George

Arte Liutaria - April 88 No 10


Arte Liutaria - August 88 No 11


Old Violins and Violin Lore

H R Haweis

The Violin and Viola

Shelia Nelson

Violin Making as it was and is (1978)

Ed Hero- Allen

Fiddles: Their Selection, Preservation and Betterment 1910

Henry Saint-George

Violin and Cello Building and Repairing 1969

Robert Alton

Cremona Violins and Varnish

Charles Reade

A Review of Ancient and Modern Violin Making

W W Oaks

The Violin Maker’s Guide 1974

H E Brown

The Technique of Violin Making

H S Wake

Useful Measurements for Violin Makers

H S Wake

Violin Bow Rehair and Repair

H S Wake

A Luthier’s Scrapbook

H S Wake

Violin Maker’s Notebook

H S Wake

Violin Identification and Price Guide Book 1

Roy Ehrdardt

Violin Identification and Price Guide Book 2

Roy Ehrdardt

Violin Identification and Price Guide Book 3

Roy Ehrdardt

Final Summary Report of Violin Varnish Research Project

Louis M Condax

The Materials of the Artist

Max Doerner

The Artist Handbook

Ralph Mayer


Attached is photo.

violin books for sale.JPG

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